About Me

"A computer is a bicycle for our minds" -Steve Jobs

Located in Northern California, I am an iOS developer with two years of experience. I previously worked for Station, a startup in San Diego, as a Junior iOS Developer. There, I was part of a team which overhauled the old Station app with a new, more user friendly UI, with Live Streaming. This required building a complete new project from scratch. My primary duties was implementing the UI (set forth my Design team on Zeplin.com) into the project's storyboard using the Apple's standard of Autolayout. I also was a key part of integrating new features, which required using REST (Using AFNetworking), CocoaPods, UIKit, content creation, Core Data, Multi-Threading, and Social Media Integration. Prior to Station, I worked as a contracted iOS developer for a small business, Superior Real Estate Solutions. Superior Real Estate Solutions wanted community driven real-estate app in which real estate agents can share, search, and update photos of homes on a cloud database. Being the lone cowboy on this project, I was in charge of every single aspect of the development of the application. I designed the app by sketching up prototype which was approved by the company, and delegated agile sprints to push out core parts of the application, coupled with TestFlight so that the company had clear visibility into the development of the project. I engineered the app using Swift, and frameworks such as CoreLocation, Parse, MapKit, and Camera/Photos for content creation. Before I dove into the iOS development world, I was a front end web developer at a small tech business in Sacramento, myHandyTech. There, I was responsible for all front end web development responsibilities (HTML5, CSS3, JS) and some back-end (PHP) development, and frequently used Photoshop & Illustrator to create edit and create images for client websites.

I am also formally educated in Mobile App Development, having graduated from UC San Diego (4.0 GPA) with a certificate in Mobile App Development. This post-baccalaureate program at UC San Diego specialized in Mobile Application Development, from native iOS and Android apps to Hybrid HTML apps. Courses in this accelerated program focus on the development of innovative mobile apps through intensive training in programming, interface design, and business/professional development.